AdSense Auto Ads – 40 Day Experiment [38% Income Drop]

After a 40 days AB Split Test of Google AdSense Auto Ads vs Manually Placed ads.

Test was conducted on a WP blog with approximately 1000 daily visitors over 40 days period from March 22, 2018 – April 30, 2018.

After enough testing, we can clearly see if Auto Ads perform better or worse VS manually place ads using Adsense Ninja WP Plugin –

We’ve used identical WordPress themes and split page views using WPMUDev A/B Theme Testing pligin to make sure Auto and Manual ads have same number of impressions.

THE RESULTS: (time stamp – 2:11)

Variant A made $161.32
Variant B made $260.32

Page views were equal.

WordPress tools used:

– AdSense Plugin by AdSense Ninja
– AB Theme Testing plugin by WPMUDEV
– POINT WP theme my MyThemeShop (CSS modified)
– Manually placed AdSense AUTO ADS code into Header.php of one of the themes.

A site wide AdSense tracking custom channel was used to track revenue of all ad units on the manually placed version of the test.

AdSense Ad Formats report was applied and filtered by sites, to gauge the revenue performance of Google’s Auto Ads.

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